What's the fun of Instagram Stories?

Maybe I'm an old lamer but I really don't see. What's so cool in Instagram Stories?

  1. I really don't see why post a photo knowing it's to disappear in 24 hours by default. It just doesn't make sense! You post photos including to be able to look them through whenever after some time. If your photos are not worth living more than a day, why post it?
  2. OK, you can put some text onto it making it more like an announcement. “On next Sat I'll tell the story of Moscow metromarathon in this certain place. Come listen. See ya”. Two days before — another one, to keep people remembering it because they read five such announcements a day on a normal day when it's not the end of the world and no one can afford taking time to give a lecture. OK. But why post photo, not just text?

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